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Art Show Juror Interviews and Jury Reviews

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I believe that artists should have as much information as possible so as to make a more educated decision on which shows to apply to. To that end, whenever possible, I interview jurors for this ongoing series of articles. Within these articles you may find opposing points of view, so take what you read with a grain of salt - Larry Berman
If you, or someone you know has been a juror and would like to discuss the experience, especially if you have any tips or suggestions that can help artists, please give me a call. 412-401-8100. If you prefer not to have your name used, it can be kept anonymous. I'm particularly looking to speak to a juror from an art show that has used Juried Art Services, though any show is welcome.
bullet Saint Louis Art Fair - 2019
Juror Review by Karen Gelbard
bullet Bill Kinney Interview
bullet Director of Paragon Art Shows
bulletBroad Ripple 2016 open jury review
bullet Columbus 2014
bullet Open Jury Review and image suggestions
bullet Artisphere 2014
bullet Open Jury Review
bullet Three Rivers - 2013
bullet A jewelers prospective on booth images
bullet Fort Worth open jury review - November 2012
bullet by Don Mabry
Interview with Les Slesnick - March 18, 2012
about the Joint Council on Accreditation of Art Fair Artists
St Louis Image Workshop - February 25, 2012
detailed review by Robert Wallace
St Louis Image Workshop - February 25, 2012
mixed message about the booth image
Cherry Creek Jury Workshop - November 10, 2011
2011 Broad Ripple Jury Review
Elizabeth Busey printmaker
A Conversation with Jerry Gilmore
Juror for 2011 Columbus and former juror for St. Louis and Cherry Creek
2011 Columbus Jury Review
2011 Artisphere Jury Review
2011 Des Moines Application Statistics
The 2010 ACC Jury
Cherry Creek 2010 Jury Review
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Jury and Marketing Observations by Bruce Baker
A Conversation with Chris Coffey
Juror for 2009 Columbus, Long's Park and Boston Mills
ArtiGras 2010 Jury Review
Sherry Wilson - jeweler
A Conversation with Wendy Rosen
The director of the BMAC wholesale craft shows
Brookside 2009 ZAPP Projection Jury
An artist as juror perspective
Observing the 2009 Columbus ZAPP Jury
A Conversation with Les Slesnick
Juror and Art Show Consultant
A Conversation with Jessica Daman
2008 Mount Gretna 3D Juror
A Conversation with Michael Craven
2008 Long's Park 2D Juror

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Montauk 2008 ZAPP Monitor Jury
An artist as juror perspective
Montauk 2008 ZAPP Monitor Jury
A gallery owner as juror perspective
La Quinta's ZAPP Monitor Jury
Includes presentation tips from a 3D juror
Juried Art Services
How the jurors see your images
A Conversation with Mary Jane Q. Cross
2007 Long's Park 2D Juror
An Emerging Artist's look at the Fort Worth Open Jury
November 2007
Tips from Robert Stadnycki
2007 Cherry Creek's ZAPP Juror
ZAPP Monitor Jury Example
Observing the Fort Worth Jury
My review of the November 2006 open jury
Includes pictures from a ZAPP projection jury
The Role of the Booth Slide in a ZAPP Jury
Marian Steen's observation from the Uptown jury
Understanding the Digital E-Jury System
Juried Art Services Smithsonian digital jury system
Two reviews of the first Fort Worth ZAPP Jury
Sara Corkery
Clark Crenshaw
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